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This page details how to contribute to the Fez Wiki.

Logging In

This wiki requires you to register before you can edit. This is just to try and limit spam.

If you log in and get some weird thing about cookies, just ignore it for now (it seems to scare away wiki-spam-bots). You are probably logged in (if you see a 'log out' link on the top right then I think you're good to go).

Guidelines for Use

  • Use the search box to find stuff. Wikis quickly become a tangled mess so the search box is the only really sure way of finding things.
  • Please post in English. If your English isn't clear, we'll probably understand it and correct it if needed.
  • Please don't post questions in the Wiki - it makes the pages hard to follow. Ask questions on the Fez-Users mailing list or the Fez forum on SourceForge.
  • Try to keep the important stuff at the top of the page and more details in subheadings or linked pages. If a page is getting really long, then feel free to break it up into sub pages.
  • Don't copy pages. If there are two similar pages, then use a 'see also' link to the other page that has the similar information - or see if the pages can be merged and redirect one to the other.
  • Be bold - this is a community effort. If you know something, then post it here. If you're wrong then the next person will correct it. If your English is poor, we'll probably still know what you're getting at.